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Information about VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) with tutorials to help you understand new technology.

VoIP Mechanic

Whether you currently have VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phoneKeep connected with VoIP Mechanic. service, are researching it, or are just curious, sooner or later you may need some help and technical advice (VoIP Help tutorials).  VoIP Mechanic offers information to correct many of the issues and problems that might occur with some VoIP connections like echo, choppy voice, delayed speech, and problems that can result from faxing and dropped calls.  We offer you easy fixes to complex problems with step by step tutorials, many with screenshots.  We also provide helpful information about VoIP installations, planning and the things you will want to know if considering VoIP.  Additionally, we offer information to business for solutions ranging from hosted VOIP to an Asterisk PBX.  

Any great new technology has a learning curve; we want to make it simple for you to get to the front of that curve. 

We want to keep you connected.