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Residential VoIP Providers

Residential VoIP Providers

VoIP phone service has the potential to not only benefit businesses with the lower cost of VoIP, but residences as well. Residential VoIP phone service works just like business VoIP service, but it is usually much less expensive. Residential VoIP service can save a household up to seventy percent on their monthly phone bill when compared to traditional telephone service. In addition to the cost savings offered by switching your home to VoIP telephone service, residential voice over IP systems come loaded with way more features than a traditional phone system. These features include find me - follow me, faxes over IP, custom alerts, multiple extensions, and more. You can compare some of the leading residential VoIP providers below.

Residential VoIP Providers 
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate*
VoIPo Home Phone Service
  • Call the US & Canada for free
  • 1 free hour of international calling included
  • Tons of features at no extra cost

42 Reviews

ITP Residential VoIP VoIP Phone Service
  • 2 months free for VoIPMechanic.com users
  • Home VoIP service
  • Complimentary VoIP phone adapter

85 Reviews

Axvoice Home Phone Service
  • Calls to US and Canada: unlimited
  • No activation or hardware cost
  • Money back guarantee and 30+ features

49 Reviews