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Occasionally interesting VoIP services or a unique VoIP application comes along which may be of interest to VoIP Mechanic's visitors.  Such as sites that allow you to list your phone number in a directory assistance service yourself or one where you can get listed for free with a 411 directory service.  There is even a site that opens an opportunity to make money by selling your expertise. 

Internet phone services are now mainstream so more and more unique services and uses will be developed with VoIP as the underlying technology.  Some may be as simple and useful as a free 411 service or as unique as developing a world community for learning each others language.  Whatever these services might be, we should find that the future will bring some interesting developments, because of the low cost of long distance communication.

List yourself in the 411 Directory

This free service provides you a way to publish your telephone number independent of your telephone provider.  Some customer's carriers do not provide their listing data to the base listing data providers.  This then makes these customers unable to to participate in directory assistance.  But, with List Yourself you supply the data, which is verified and validated and then sends that information to the directory assistance databases used by the major carriers. 

Lots of pretty cool stuff.  All because of VoIP.Talkshoe Community

Talkshoe is a website where you can join others of like interests, sharing information and ideas.  They call their online chat a Community Call, which is a group of people led by a host with talkers and listeners participating in a conversation, discussion, talk show.  read more

A Free 411 Service

By dialing 1-800-free411 (1-800-373-3411) you can get free directory assistance.  You will not have to pay the usage fee that most carriers charge, most between $1.80-$3.49.  You may hear a short relevant offer while they look up your request, if you are interested they will connect you for free, if not you'll just get the information that you requested.  The cost for this service is being paid by companies who want to advertise, not by you.  Check it out here.


Free conference call

Free conference calls are simple and easy to use, requiring only a name and an e-mail address to receive an instant account.