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VoIP Mechanic is your information VoIP online resource about Voice over IP, with lots of help, VoIP tutorials and how-tos about VoIP installation, troubleshooting common VoIP problems such as echo, buzzing, dropped calls, one-way audio and problems with faxing over VoIP We offer you VoIP troubleshooting tutorials on how to identify and correct problems, in short we will help you with VoIP.  Whether you are researching about getting VoIP, sell VoIP as a rep or reseller, or are a current user, we will help correct most problems that you may experience with your VoIP phone connection, including echo, choppy voice, one-way audio, faxing errors, and losing dial tone.  We will give you the information to fix many of these annoying issues that you could experience with your Voice over Internet phone service.  Whether or not you are familiar with VoIP we think you will still find VoIPMechanic an easy to use online VoIP resource.  

Business VoIP Providers 
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate*
Business VoIP Provider Alliance Phones for Business
  • Control Panel monitoring
  • Setup takes under an hour
  • Receive daily call reports

* 12% discount for subscribing and paying for a year upfront


13 Reviews

Talkroute logo The phone system built to do business anywhere
  • Video Meetings & Text Messaging
  • Call Forwarding & Routing
  • Desktop, Mobile, & Web Apps

* $5 per additional user


1 Reviews

Verizon logo Get 99.99% network reliability with Fios.
  • Business Digital Voice
  • 1-year price guarantee
  • Unlimited data

* Per month. Plus taxes, fees and equipment charges.


11 Reviews

Residential VoIP Providers 
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate*
US Mobile logo Unlimited nationwide calling for only $9.99/mo.
  • Unlimited US & Global Calling.
  • Taxes & fees already included in price.
  • 24/7 Supportive support team via phone, chat, or email.

* Taxes & fees are already included in the $9.99/mo price.


1 Reviews

VoIPo Home Phone Service
  • Call the US & Canada for free
  • 1 free hour of international calling included
  • Tons of features at no extra cost

* $15.00/mo. or $6.21/mo. with 2 year contract


58 Reviews

Axvoice Home Phone Service
  • Calls to US and Canada: unlimited
  • No activation or hardware cost
  • Money back guarantee and 30+ features

* $6.25/mo. 1-year prepay equals $75.00/year


75 Reviews

Our tutorials have lots of how-to and setup information and will give you the knowledge and understanding that will lead to better VoIP calls and a better quality with your (VoIP) Voice over Internet Phone service.  VoIP is one of the best new technologies to come along in the last 30 years and offers phone service with features unheard of up until now.  Learn about Voice over the Internet to help you choose which VoIP provider is best for you.  Business owners who are considering VoIP, hosted VoIP or IP-PBX Telephony should check out our information.  We offer information on both Hosted VoIP and Asterisk, an in-house VoIP business phone system solution.  Use us as your troubleshooting mechanic and VoIP resource.

How to solve your VoIP problems.

By helping you correct VoIP problems like echo, choppy voice, bad call quality, dropped calls and installation problems.  We will offer tutorials on how to best fax over VoIP and the best way to set up your home network.  We have put together VoIP fax settings for HP, VoIP settings Canon, VoIP with Panasonic fax and others.  We offer you suggestions of what to look for when considering VoIP.  And show you the best way to install VoIP and prevent costly issues from not having given the initial process enough thought.

Most VoIP problems can be easily solved, let VoIP Mechanic give you the answers.  Check out our 5 pitfalls of VoIP so you know which service is best.

Whether you currently have VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service or are gathering information about it, sooner or later you are going to require some help correcting issues that you may experience.  We offer you easy how-to fixes to complex problems.  Check out our information about 5 pitfalls of VoIP and how to avoid them with the right setup.  Any great new technology has a learning curve; we want to make it simple for you to get to the front of that curve. 

Planning the move to VoIP?  VoIP Installation: Then you will need to consider:
  • The Benefits
  • The Requirements
  • Other Considerations
  • How to pick a provider

If you are a small business considering a VoIP installation (business phone), then you need to plan the move with consideration on how some common issues are going to affect your business communications.  Good planning for VoIP and fore thought can save lots of potential headaches by reading our business VoIP how-tos.

Installing VoIP; consider VoIP Mechanic's recommendations, looking for a VoIP provider; use our lists for what your should look for before choosing a service.Are you currently installing VoIP service?  Then VoIP Mechanic can help with:
  • Connecting to the best Internet service providers in your area.
  • VoIP Installation: Connecting to a Cable modem.
  • VoIP Installation: Connecting to a DSL modem.
  • VoIP Installation: Connecting and configuring your LAN.
  • Troubleshooting the initial install for your home or business phone.
  • Distribute the VoIP service throughout the premise.
  • Information on softphones for your PC; Windows, Macintosh and Linux.  Download the one that's right for you.

Need Hosted VoIP, a VoIP business phone system?

VoIP Mechanic can help you solve your voip problems and learn what to look for when choosing a voip provider.Then a hosted VoIP (Internet Business Phone System) may be the answer:
  • We can explain what hosted VoIP is or what can be called an Internet business phone system.
  • Find explanations of common business phone features and what they do.
  • How big is your company (how many business phones)?  What size company is right for hosted VoIP.
  • Picking a hosted VoIP Provider- 10 question list that will help guide you to pick the best provider.
  • We offer information that will help you choose the right IP phones for your business and budget.  With a Iridium satellite phone, you'll be connected from anywhere.
Or you may find that what you want is an Asterisk based IP-PBX:

Are you experiencing problems with VoIP? VoIP Help, VoIP Mechanic has solutions for many of the issues you may experience.
Then VoIP Mechanic can assist and help correct:


Take a look at the top 5 complaints about VoIP and the solutions to solve them.

VoIP Mechanic tries to give you the information that you need.  If you would like to link to us, please feel free to add a link. 

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