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Panasonic VoIP Fax Settings

Faxing over VoIP with Panasonic Fax Machines.

Panasonic fax machines can present a challenge when wanting to set the suggested VoIP settings for faxing over VoIP.  Disabling ECM and setting a BAUD rate to 9600 can be found on some machines, while others there may be no direct way to set these parameters.  Panasonic fax machines vary depending on the model you may have, where some may have BAUD rates that are already appropriate and others may not (may be faster).  VoIP Mechanic has put together some information on some Panasonic fax machhine models to help you.

First do the following settings:

VoiP fax settings; how to fax over VoIP.


Disabling ECM on Panasonic Fax machines.

Setting "Overseas Mode"- Panasonic Fax Machines

**Using Next fax for the Overseas Mode will set the next fax transmission to send with a Baud Rate of 9600.  This setting will only set the next fax's speed and the fax will then return to its normal speed. 

Transmission Speeds (Baud Rate) on some Panasonic Fax Machines.