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Dell Fax VoIP Settings

Faxing over VoIP with Dell Fax/Multifunction machines.

Dell multipurpose machines can be configured for faxing over a VoIP connection, where both receiving and sending faxes will have a higher success rate.  Lowering the Baud rate to 9600, turning off or disabling ECM (Error Correction Mode), and making the resolution standard are the best VoIP settings.  Not all Dell machines have the same Advanced Fax Settings menu, but if your does, then that is where you most likely will find the settings to lower the transmission rate to 9600 and disable ECM.  You will find some information below on particular Dell fax models and links to other related Dell fax machine information.

Look in the Advanced settings on most Dell machines to lower the BAUD rate. 

Lowering the BAUD rate and Disabling ECM on a Dell Multifunction 3115cn

The settings that you need to set for VoIP are accessible under the Advanced Fax Settings.  Follow these instructions to enter the Advanced Fax Settings which are located in the Diagnostic Menu (Customer Mode).

To Disable ECM (Error Correction Mode)

  Lowering the BAUD rate transmission speed.

You will also need to lower the BAUD receive speed to 9600 with the following instructions (steps 1,2 &3 are the same as above).

VoIP Mechanic has put together, with the help of of our readers, some instructions which should suffice for many Dell fax/printer machines. 

Lowering Baud rates and disabling ECM on a Dell fax machines.

These settings are for disabling ECM and setting the BAUD rate, as well as making the resolution Standard, on most Dell fax (scan) machines, before send.

Error Correction Mode

Adjusting the BAUD Rate

Adjusting the Resolution

After making the adjustments above and before sending, go to fax options, Advanced Fax, select Scan before dial, the hit the right arrow and select No.