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Sharp VoIP Fax Settings

Faxing over VoIP with Sharp Fax Machines.

Faxing with Sharp facsimile machines over VoIP should have some success, especially if the machine has a 9600 BAUD rate as its default transmission speed.  The other setting, which most machines have as a default is ECM (Error Correction Mode) enabled, which needs to be disabled.  VoIP Mechanic recognizes that not every fax machine comes with implicit easy to find instructions for slowing down the BAUD rate to 9600.  We have accumulated some information on the following Sharp Fax and Multi-function machines, which could be helpful when faxing over a VoIP connection.

Information on the Sharp UX-P200, UX-P115 & UX-B20

The Sharp UX-B20, UX-P115 and  UX-P200 are plain paper fax machines that come out of the box with a 9600 BAUD rate setting with a fall back lower negotiated speed if the other fax wants to transmit at a lower speed.  Additionally, the resolution is set to Standard, making these machines good candidates for faxing over VoIP.

  • Already set to a 9600 BAUD rate.  (Lower speeds will auto-negotiate.)
  • Standard resolution is a the default setting.

Settings on a Sharp UX-B800SE Fax

The default setting for the transmission setting on the B800 Broadband Fax machine are a 14,400 BAUD rate and ECM enabled.  To disable the ECM do the following:

  • Press the Function Key and the the Large Selection Key until Option Setting appears. 
  • Press it Again, then repeatedly until the ECM selection appears. 
  • Using the Key pad select 2 to turn off ECM.
  • Press Stop to exit the settings.

How to disable ECM on Sharp fax machines.

By disabling ECM (Error Correction Mode) the fax will keep transmitting even if some data is lost.  This will help your faxes to complete over VoIP.





How to disable ECM on the Sharp FO-3150 facsimile.

The Sharp 3150 facsimile is a 14,400 BAUD fax machine with automatic fall back.  This fax has ECM enabled by default.  To disable ECM (Error Correction Mode) do the following:

  • Press the Function Key the press the Down Arrow three times.  You should see a display saying Option Settings.
  • Press the Right Arrow the the Up Arrow three times.  You should see ECM Mode in the display.
  • Press the Right Arrow once.  You should see 1=Yes 2=No.
  • Press 2 to select No, which will disable ECM.  Then Press Stop to return to the date and time display.