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Pap2t as interface to fax

Using a PAP2T for fax interface.

Fax machines use a RJ11 or regular phone line connection that then needs to go to RJ45 (RJ11 TOP RJ45).  When integrating a fax machine to an IP-PBX, like an Asterisk server you will need to convert the analog line to Ethernet or RJ45.  One way to do this is to use an ATA, like a Cisco/Linksys PAP2T.  The ATA will accept an analog RJ11 phone connection from the fax machine as one of the Phone Port connections (Line 1 or Line 2), essentially allowing for up to two separate connections.

Connecting a Fax machine using a PAP2T for VoIP.

Analog gateway Cisco PAP2t for faxing over VoIP.

The PAP2T should be configured for fax (VoIP fax settings PAP2T) and used as an analog extension connected to the fax.  Calls to the fax number will be routed by the IP-PBX (Asterisk server) to this extension-fax machine.

RJ11 to RJ45

PAP2T as analog gateway for fax connection.

RJ11 to RJ45 gateway device for VoIP Fax.

For a VoIP network that needs an analog connection you can use a Cisco/Linksys PAP2T as a gateway device.  From the Line 1 RJ11 Port the phone line connection would go to the Line In on the fax machine.  The device would best be mounted and labeled by the switches in the data closet if at all possible rather than the fax end.  This would make for a cleaner design and if someone were to do any later service work they would be able to trace the devices and connections with less trouble.  This would also allow for a second RJ11 to RJ45 analog port to be used (Line 2) for a second analog device.