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VoIP Setup and PAP2t ATA

Linksys VoIP PAP2 information.

Linksys Pap2 ATA and a PAP2T are recommended by VoIP Mechanic.





The rear of the pap2 ATA device.





Rear panel showing Phone 1, Phone 2 ports,  Ethernet connection and power port.  The picture shows the position where a phone connection would be connected to Phone 1.

NOTE: The Linksys PAP2 has one Ethernet port, two phone ports and a power port.  In most cases this ATA device would be connected to a router so a computer would still be able to share access to the Internet.

Typical setups would include a router to a VoIP ATA and PCs.

Setup showing the Linksys ATA connected via Ethernet to a router.

Description of Lights for a Linksys PAP2 ATA

Power    This light should be solid blue when the power is on and the device is ready.  It will light up when the router is powered on, and will flash blue as it is booting up, or for a system self-test or firmware upgrade.  If the power light is red, this would indicate a malfunction with router's Power On Self Test (not bootable).

Ethernet  This light should display a solid blue when an Ethernet connection is established.  If it is off, then this would indicate no connection on Ethernet.  It will flash blue when data is being transmitted.

Phone 1-2  The phone light (or lights if you have a second line), should be blue when the ATA is registered and provisioned.  It will blink blue when a connected phone is being used or an incoming call has been detected.  When the phone is not in use the LED will be solid as long as the ATA is registered.  If the LED is not lit, then the ATA has no current registration. 

Troubleshooting  The PAP2 comes equipped with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) which can be accessed through a phone connected to phone 1.  See the networking page for details and commands.



List of Linksys Star Codes and how to toggle different features on many Cisco/Linksys ATAs.