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 V-Portal Voice Router

Vonage V-Portal VoIP VoIP router

The Vonage V-Portal (also the Vonage Box) VDV21-VD and VDV22-VD are both a router and IAD that has some pretty nice features.  Along with the standard VoIP ATA configuration capabilities you would expect in a router it has a simplified QoS  configuration screen allowing the highest priority for voice, while offering a slide scale to increase or decrease some common applications.  This slide scale V-Portal QoS feature is an easy way to prioritize voice.  For more granular QoS control there is an advanced configuration QoS page incorporated in the GUI, as well.  This V-Portal also has a unique built in GR-909 testing package that can quickly diagnose issues ranging from faulty house wiring to a phone off hook in premise keeping the line open.  No other home based VoIP ATA has such a feature that we are aware of. 

Vonage V-Portal VDV21-VD and VDV22-VD or Vonage box.

The V-Portal showing power, 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port and 2 phone lines.

The recommended setup is to have the V-Portal placed first after the modem, but connecting it behind a router should work as well in most cases, if not then use our VoIP troubleshooting tips to correct any issues.  It does have PPPTP and IPSec passthrough, along with port forwarding for those who use VPN or other type connections. 

Logging into the V-Portal (Vonage Box) requires a connection into the LAN port and an address of or V-Configure.com from a web browser.  The default username and password are both "router".

Accessing the Vonage V-Portal VDV21-VD and VDV22-VD or Vonage box.

For simple QoS settings the V-Portal has a sliding scale which can be used to increase or lower the comparative priority of some popular applications.  (Voice will be given a high priority by default.)

Setting QoS for Vonage in the Vonage VDV21-VD and VDV22-VD or Vonage box.

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