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 V-Portal GR-909 test suite

Using the V-Portal GR-909 test

The Vonage V-Portal and Vonage Box (VDV21-VD & VDV22-VD) are practically the same VoIP router devices as they have the same GUI interface and basic features.  The VDV21-VD has a LCD screen that displays information which the 22 model does not.  Both have a suite of diagnostic tests, many of which like ping, traceroute, etc. can be done right from your computer (see our VoIP Networking Help), but one test that is unique is the GR-909 testing suite (Some Motorola models are also including a GR-909 test suite.). 

About GR-909 testing & VoIP

The GR-909 test is based on a suite of standards based electrical tests and have now been adapted to the VoIP industry.  These tests can indicate several common issues with VoIP connections and save a lot of time troubleshooting line problems, like an off hook phone or voltage on a VoIP line.  The GR-909 test has five tests, each of which can be tested separately for each line or all can be chosen for a suite of tests.

  • Starting with the Hazardous Potential and Foreign Electrical  Motive Force tests, they detect voltages that should not be on the phone line(s).  Anything from a short from A/C power crossing over to your lines to less powerful DC voltage that will play havoc with the VoIP ATA device.  If you have not disconnected your premise from the telco at the demarc voltage can enter your VoIP system damaging the equipment and causing failures.  (For more information about distributing VoIP throughout a premise.
  • The Resistive Faults Test detects any shorts on the phone lines including possible shorts to ground and shorts that can result from the two phone line wires coming in contact.  This condition can happen from corroded jacks or with cheap splitter.
  • The Receiver Off Hook test searches for any phones or other devices (like a fax) on premise that may be keeping the line open. An Off-Hook situation will prevent dial tone from being given to the other phones.
  • The Ringers Test measures the electrical load on the line from connected telephones, typically referred as the REN Ringer Equivalency Number. This test can fail in two ways � either too many phones connected to the line or if it does not detect any load suggesting no operable phone is connected on the line. Today's phones are much lower in REN value than old, old phones, so typically many more phones can be connected on a single line.

To access the GR-909 test Go To the Status page and click on Diagnostics.

Vonage v-portal GR-909 test

From the Drop Down menu choose GR-909 Test.  Each test can then be chosen for each line.  The Start Test button will begin the tests.  You may experience a flicker after each test.  At the end of testing the results will be displayed.

GR-909 test


The following screenshot shows the results where all test were performed and passed on Line 1.

How to use the GR-909 test with VoIP.