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Westell 6100 Lights

Westell 6100 lights description.

The Westell 6100 DSL modem lights will indicate connectivity.  The following description of lights can be used to diagnose the modem's state and connectivity

Description of lights on a 6100 Westell modem and what they mean.

If you find that the Westell does not sync up with the DSL provider, then open your router and go to the Status page.  The status will show Disconnected.  See below.

Westell DSL modem showing lights and how thay look when connected.
Westell 6100 DSL Modem


6100 Westell showing how to connect to your network properly.

DSL to the dsl phone line.  RJ-45 to the routers Internet or WAN port.


Connect to the router and go to the Status Page.

Linksys Staus page showing the Connect Button for PPPoE authentication.

Hit the Connect Button on the router's Status page.  When a connection is made you will see Connected and a valid public IP address next to IP Address.

Setting PPPoE