How to configure a Linksys BEFSR41 v4 Router for VoIP QOS.



The first step in configuring your Linksys router would be to connect the Ethernet cable directly from the computer to one of the numbered Ethernet ports in the Linksys Router.  Then power up the Linksys router and then power up the computer.  After the computer has opened to its desktop, double click on Internet Explorer and let it completely open.  It may display �Page cannot be Displayed�, but that is all right.  Type the following address into the address bar of Internet Explorer and click on go.


A box requesting a user name and password prompt will appear.  Leave the user name field blank (empty) or type "admin", and type in admin (lowercase) for the password.











A Setup page should display in Internet Explorer.   Navigate by using the Top Tabs to Application & Gaming.  Then QOS.  Quality of Service (QoS) ensures a high-priority to predefined types
of traffic.



The BEFSR41 v4 allows three types of QoS.  These are Device Priority, Application Priority and Ethernet Port Priority.

Enabled/Disabled This limits the outbound bandwidth for the QoS policies in use.                            Upstream Bandwidth  Select the bandwidth to be used from the Drop Down Menu. Using this
setting allows you to limit the outbound bandwidth for the QoS policies in use. This controls how much bandwidth a particular application can use.

Device Priority
Enter the name of the device in Device Name, then its MAC Address and select the priority from the Drop-Down Menu.

Ethernet Port Priority QoS

This setting allows you to prioritize performance for four of the router's ports, LAN 1,2,3,4.  Select either High or Low.


Our suggestion would be to place the MAC address of the ATA in Device Priority and give this device the only High Priority rating. 

You may also want to name an Application SIP1 and enable a High Priority for UDP port 5060.  If you have two phone lines we suggest a second Application name SIP2 and enable a High Priority for UDP Port 5061.  (Please note:  Most VoIP providers use these two SIP ports, but yours may use another.  Check with your provider for the port that they use for signaling.)

One of the limitations of the Linksys BEFSR41 router is the inability to set a range of ports for QoS.  If a range of ports could be selected then a High Priority for the RTP port range would be a great way to prioritize the voice stream.