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HP Fax Settings for VoIP

Fax over VoIP - HP Fax Machines.

HP All-in-one Printers/Fax machines are some of the most widely used all-in-one machines and typically have settings in their menu that will help with faxing over VoIP.  Although not all HP machines will have the configuration choices for lowering the BAUD rate, many do and we offer some examples to guide you through these settings.  Below are some HP All-In-One machines, such as the HP 6110 series and the HP 6100xi and 7410xi series machines.  Again, as we stated previously, the best combination is low baud rate such as 9600 BAUD and ECM off.

VoIP Fax settings on HP 6110 All-In-One machine.

Other possible instructions on HP 6110 All-In-One Printer/Fax for VoIP.

VoIP Fax BAUD rate setting on HP 6100xi & 7410xi.