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HP LaserJet VoIP Fax Settings

Fax over VoIP with HP LaserJets.

Hewlett Packard or HP LaserJet & Fax machines are some of the most widely used multi-purpose office equipment anywhere.  VoIP Mechanic has listed the settings that will most likely give you the best chance of success when sending faxes over a VoIP connection.  As newer machines are introduced they tend to be preset with faster rates of transmission, making VoIP faxing even more problematic.

Unfortunately, not every HP fax machine has easy to find settings to make their machines more compatible with VoIP, so we have placed instructions on some of these LaserJet HP machines here.  Slowing down the Baud rate to a setting of 9600 and disabling ECM (Error Correction Mode) your success rate will increase significantly. 

How to Disable ECM on some HP LaserJet Fax machine models:

lady_stand_101708These settings should work similarly for some newer HP LaserJet fax machines.  The only way to know for sure is to try them on your particular LaserJet model.  The Baud rate V codes are standard for all HPs, so if you find that you get to this setting entering the corresponding V code will set the transmission rate.

For the HP LaserJet Professional M1130, M1210 and M1212.


Lowering the Baud on HP LaserJet Professional M1130/M1210/M1212

The factory-set default for the fax-speed setting is Fast (V.34) on these models, too fast for most VoIP connections.

*Note:  The following values represent the corresponding Baud rates: 0 = V.17 14400;  2 = V.17 9600;  6 = V.29 9600;  10 = V.27 2400.