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Configuring PPPoE on a VT1005

Configuring a Motorola VT1005 terminal for PPPoE.

The first step in configuring the Motorola VT1005 for PPPoE would be to connect the Ethernet cable directly from the computer to the PC Ethernet port or have an Ethernet cable connected from a router. (see below)

Then power up the VT1005 voice terminal and then power up the computer. After the computer has opened to it�s desktop, double click on Internet Explorer and let it completely open.  It may display �Page cannot be Displayed�, but that is all right.  Type the following address into the address bar of Internet Explorer and click on go or hit Enter.



The Status page should appear.  Navigate to the Basic Configuration.

Motorola VT1005 VoIP ATA










Once PPPoE is selected, enter your PPPoE DSL username and password provided by your Internet Service Provider into the router�s User Name and Password fields.  Backspace over the password field making sure you start from the very beginning of the field and use the correct case.  Your username format can vary in form so you will need to know exactly how the complete username should be entered.  If you are in doubt, your ISP should be able to verify the correct name, format and password.

If you do not get a valid IP address on the status page (see below) follow the next step.
Un-power all devices and your PC.
Connect an Ethernet cable from the DSL modem to the Internet port of the Motorola VT1005 terminal.  Keep the Ethernet cable from the computer connected directly to the Motorola.  Power on the DSL modem, waiting until it has had an opportunity to resync with the DSL provider.  Observe the indicator lights located on the modem and wait for the lights to stop blinking.  A light indicating Power as well as DSL (or Internet, Online, Ready, etc.) should become solid to indicate that a connection to your Internet Service Provider has been established.  Next you should power up the Motorola waiting about 15 seconds before turning on your computer.

Check your connection- VT1005

Motorola VT1005 VoIP ATA Status Page

Use the VT1005 Status page to determine if it has connected up to your DSL provider.








Once PPPoE is set you can check the status page for a valid Internet IP address.  In most cases this should be a public IP address which would give you the best connection for VoIP.  The status page is where you can determine the connection type and if there is an IP address assigned, as well as to see if DHCP/Nat is enabled on the LAN port.  You can use the reboot to enable a restart if no IP address is assigned, which you should locate on the Advanced Configuration page.

Use Advanced Configuration settings in your Motorola VT1005 VoIP device.












On the Advanced Tab of the VT1005 voice terminal there are several settings that can be set, including MAC Address Override (Clone), Enable or Disable NAT on the LAN port, and reboot.

Description of Lights on a Motorola Voice Terminal- VT1005