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Turning off DHCP on a D-link

Connecting a D-Link Wireless router to another router that supplies DHCP.

If there is already a router or a router/IAD acting as a DHCP server on your network then you will want to disable DHCP from the second router, in this case the D-Link wireless router.  The first step in configuring the D-Link router would be to connect an Ethernet cable directly from a computer to one of the four numbered Ethernet ports in the D-Link wireless router.  Then power up the wireless router and then power up the computer.  After the computer has opened to it�s desktop, double click on Internet Explorer and let it completely open.  It may display �Page cannot be Displayed�, but that is all right.  Type the following address into the address bar of Internet Explorer and click on go.

A box requesting a user name and password prompt will appear.  In the username field type the username "admin", and leave the password field blank (nothing).  Then click on OK.


Click on the Home tab and then the DHCP button on the left.  




By default the DHCP Server is set to Enabled.  You will want to set it to Disabled.  Next Click on Apply and then Continue to save settings.

Next click on the LAN button on the left. 


In the field next to IP Address put in the correct IP address.  For example, if the other router's IP address is, the you could change the wireless router's LAN address to  If the other router's LAN address is, then you should use one that will correspond to it's subnet like  In the field next to Subnet Mask place the subnet, in most cases

Next Click on Apply and then Continue to save settings.

D-Link wireless routers are easy to configure and are a good home office router.

Connecting the two devices.  Un-power both devices and put an Ethernet cable into one of the regular ports of the first router which will act as the DHCP server.  Connect the other end of this Ethernet cable into the Uplink port or the wireless router.  If your version D-Link router does not have an uplink port then connect it into a regular Ethernet port.  Power up the routers.  You should get a Link LED on the main router's port where the wireless router is plugged in.