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Step by step, restoring dial tone

Fixing no dial tone on VoIP.

Use these step by step instructions to re-establish lost dial tone your VoIP service.  Loss of dial tone on your VoIP phone can be corrected in a systematic process of first checking your Internet connection, then each piece of equipment back to the phone itself.  In some cases there could be a router between the modem and in some cases there might not be.  A valid LAN IP address and access out to the Internet from the ATA is what you want to verify.

Step 1 check your Internet connectivity.

Starting with your modem, either DSL or cable make sure that your Internet connection is up.  This can be done by using a PC and surfing a website. 

If you cannot surf:

If you can surf:

Step 2 check for a device off-hook.

Having established dial tone after connecting one phone directly  into the ATA or ATA router, next you must look for an issue with a device (phone, fax, alarm, etc.) off-hook.  An off-hook phone or fax keep the line open.