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Step by step, fixing broken voice

Fixing broken voice on VoIP.

Follow these step by step instructions for fixing broken voice or choppy voice on your VoIP calls.  Typically broken voice on VoIP phone connections come from insufficient bandwidth, or a connection whose bandwidth is being grabbed by other applications.  Correcting broken voice (choppy voice) is a systematic process of testing the bandwidth and then focusing on reserving enough bandwidth for each VoIP call.

Step 1 measuring Internet bandwidth.

Measure the actual bandwidth available from the Internet provider.  This can be done by using a speed test from a PC in the LAN.  Complete a 2nd test, a tweak test, that will show some important information, including if the MTU on your router may be set too low.

Bandwidth too low:

Bandwidth adequate:

Broken voice when other applications (PCs, gaming consoles) are being used:

Step 2 setting QoS for VoIP on router.

Broken voice, or choppy calls are a problems associated with insuffcient available bandwidth.Having made some test calls and found that broken voice occurs on the VoIP line and other applications are in use, set QoS (Quality of Service) for the router so that voice (RTP) will have priority.