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VoIP service can make the average phone service seem like an antiquated system, with features that will become an important part of your everyday communications.  And if you are a business person or a small business, once you move to a VoIP provider service you'll not only start saving money, but will make your business presence advance in the eyes of your customers and business associates.

Porting your numbers

When you make your move to a VoIP service, you should not cancel your existing service because you don't want to loose your phone number.  Follow our suggestions when porting your VoIP phone number.

Are there any drawbacks to VoIP?

There are considerations that you must take into account, as VoIP, like all things, has its limitations.  A few to consider are:

  • VoIP is dependent on your broadband Internet connection and the quality of the voice connection for which voip service you choose will vary greatly depending on the quality of your ISP's service.  Since Internet connections have become more stable, and have far more capacity than just a few years ago, this variable has improved significantly, but there are exceptions and our VoIP tutorials will help you identify problems that may exist with your Internet connection and ways to set QoS on your router for even better voice quality.
  • Faxing over VoIP is not the most ideal medium, so if you are a heavy fax user, such as an attorney, mortgage broker, or appraiser, then you may want to keep at least one traditional phone line for faxing.  In some cases, faxes may all fail when tried over VoIP.  There are suggestions we present that may help make you faxing over VoIP success better, but if your business depends on faxing, then you need to keep an alternative telephone line for faxing.
  • Some services, such as some Alarm systems, Tivo, credit card machines, and dial-up modems may not work over a VoIP line.  These services have greatly improved integrating with VoIP, but problems can and do persist.
  • 911 services; although they are mandated for VoIP providers, you still want to make verify that your service is "911 verified" and that if you move your ATA you have an easy way to update your information.  Most providers offer E911 service and you will want to make sure yours does and your number is tied correctly for your physical address.
  • VoIP is newer technology and although it is getting better and better, there can be occasional quality issues.  Some VoIP providers are more stable than others, which VoIP service provider is best varies and depends on several different items.  But, we are here to help give you the knowledge you need to make a better connection.


Getting VoIP then plan on these 3

  • Faxing
  • Alarm line
  • Credit Card machine

Faxing can be done in many cases by adjusting your fax machine VoIP settings, but you may need either a copper line for faxing or a email fax solution.  Alarm systems are another challenge, and VoIP Mechanic explains what you need to know about VoIP and alarms.  And lastly, credit card machines may also require a copper phone line, but there are credit card machines that work over Ethernet and settings that might help.

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