How to clone a MAC address on a Linksys RTP300 or a RT31P2


If you are having trouble getting connected with your new VoIP Router the problem might be that you need to clone the MAC address. 

The first step in cloning the PCs MAC address onto the RT31P2 or RTP300 Linksys outer/IAD would be to make sure you have an Ethernet cable directly from the computer to one of the three numbered Ethernet ports in the Linksys Router/IAD.  Also make sure you have an Ethernet cable from the cable modem into the Internet port of the Linksys ATA and the Cable modem is powered up.  Then power up the Linksys Router/IAD and then power up the computer.  After the computer has opened to it’s desktop, double click on Internet Explorer and let it completely open.  It may display “Page cannot be Displayed”, but that is all right.  Type the following address into the address bar of Internet Explorer and click on go.





A box requesting a user name and password prompt will appear.  Leave the user name field blank (empty), and type in admin (lowercase) for the password.  Then click on OK.

A Setup page should display in Internet Explorer.   In the section labeled Internet Connection Type, make sure that Obtain an IP address automatically id selected.


Across the top you will notice MAC Address Clone, select it. 
















After the MAC Clone page appears Enable MAC Clone Service.  Then press the Clone button and the MAC address of your PC will automatically propagate the fields.  Click on Save Settings.  You will then be prompted that the router will need to reboot.  Click OK, and you will return to this page where you should see the MAC address in the fields. 



The following steps can be taken to check that your connection to your Internet Service Provider is established.


Go to the Status Page, the select Router.  If you see an IP address in the Internet IP Address Field, you should be connected and your phone service should connect and you should be able to surf the Internet. 

If you see all zeros,,  as the Internet IP address, then Press the DHCP Renew button, you should get a new IP address in the Internet IP Address field.

If you do not, do a complete power cycle.


Note:  In the event that you had another Router connected to the Cable Modem and could surf before changing the equipment (and not the PC directly), you will need to NOT press the Clone button, but rather after Enabling the MAC Clone Service and type the MAC address from the Router, located on its bottom.



Linksys RT31P2 Router/ATA




 Front Display


Description of Lights

Power    This light should be solid green.  It will light up when the router is powered on, and will flash as it is booting up, which will last for a brief time.  If the power light continues to flash, this could indicate a problem with router’s firmware.

  Ethernet 1-3  Each corresponding light should display a solid green if there is a corresponding active device plugged into that port.  It will flash when it is sending or receiving data.  If no light is lit, this could indicate a problem with the device, router port or cable.

Phone 1-2  The phone ports will flash when a connected phone is being used or an incoming call has been detected.  When the phone is not in use the LED will be solid as long as the ATA is registered.  If the LED is not lit, then the ATA has no current registered connection. 

Internet  The Internet light will light green when it is connected to your ISP’s modem and will flash as data is received or transmitted.

Rear View



Linksys RTP300 Router/ATA










Description of Lights


Power  Blue/Red The Power Led lights up BLUE when the router is powered on.  If the BLUE Led is flashing, then the router is likely booting up or upgrading its firmware (If a firmware load is taking place Do Not unplug the unit, as they will disrupt the load and may result in a inoperable IAD).  If the Power Led lights up RED, then disconnect the power, wait 5 seconds and reconnect the power.

Ethernet 1-4 Blue The Ethernet Led lights up when there is an active connection established on that corresponding port.  It will flash when traffic is crossing that port.

Phone 1-2 Blue The Phone Led light is solid when there is an active registered connection to your VoIP provider and should deliver dial tone.  The Phone Light will flash when an incoming calls is taking place or the phone is off hook. 

Internet Blue The Internet Led lights up when there is a connection to the modem (cable, DSL).  It will flash as information (data) is being transmitted.